Season 2 Gag Reel for Elementary. Enjoy before CBS attacks!

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What was the hardest physical thing you’ve ever had to do for the series?

Okay this is ironic, in the Pilot I did the Salmon Ladder, and it looks a lot harder than it actually is - it’s a very visually stunning/interesting looking exercise… ( x )

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Chris Pratt worked with Marvel and Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to arrange a special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy for patients, families and staff at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Wednesday. While the movie played, Pratt snuck out and dressed up as his character, Star-Lord. He spent more than three hours in full costume and handed out movie-themed toys. Pratt also visited patients in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, and the Pediatric ICU, as they were too sick to join the movie screening that afternoon.

Pratt spent extra time with one patient, Dylan Prunty, who is a longtime Lego fan and recognized the actor’s voice from The Lego Movie. They spent about 10 minutes reciting different scenes from the film.

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The point of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

the point of pouring a shit ton of ice water over yourself is because when one suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) one of the effects the disease has is a numbness throughout the body, as well as struggling to breathe, and both these are meant to temporarily happen when doused in freezing water. It’s to raise awareness of what ALS feels like and encourage donations towards research and cures.

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the “you live with your parents” insult is really flaccid because a metric shitton of cultures don’t see “leave the house forever” as some grandiose moment of liberation that’s so important to the development of a person that it has to happen as fast as possible. until i came…

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Link to the NYT article on the autopsy

what the fuck man

So basically, that cop fully intended to murder a black person that day. I hear that the Justice Department or FBI is investigating whether or not Michael Brown’s civil rights were violated and I so, so, SO hope they were because that makes his murder a FEDERAL CRIME and that folks, is a whole different ball game. I also hope that they can slap him with a hate crime charge, if they can establish that the cop murdered Brown because he was black.

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Dave Bautista takes the ALS ice bucket challenge up a notch.


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